Birth Classes

Want to learn more about labor & birth?

I believe so deeply in the power of having a baseline understanding of birth. Along with helping you understand your options and be more confident in your birth, studies have shown that taking private childbirth classes can result in less need for medical intervention during birth and better outcomes for newborns. 

Available Courses:

The 5-Day Birth Planning Challenge is an on-demand course that is designed to help you create a birth plan that your care team will want to follow!

Learn the basics in this private childbirth class focusing on birth physiology, labor comfort measures, and the immediate postpartum period.

DISCLAIMER: Courses and content provided by Bump Birth & Baby Co, LLC and it’s members are for educational purposes only and do not replace timely and frequent discussions with a provider, nor are they intended to be used as medical advice.

I offer private & personalized childbirth classes. Schedule a consult to discover your options!

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Scholarships and Sliding Scale

Bump Birth & Baby Co believes that all birthing people have the right to respectful and accessible care that supports their right to give birth if, when, where, and how they want to. To promote conditions of equity and Reproductive Justice, Bump Birth & Baby Co offers scholarships, sliding-scale, and payment plans for classes and services to those with financial need.

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