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What if I told you that going into your birth without expectations is the wrong answer?

Sure, birth doesn’t always go exactly as planned, but there is one thing you can most definitely expect: 
decision making

Home or hospital? Epidural or intervention-free? Spontaneous labor or induction? VBAC or repeat cesarean? Follow your provider’s lead or birth to the beat of your own drum? 

These choices are yours to make and research shows that feeling respected and being centered in the decision making process plays a huge role in how people view their birthing experience. Preparing yourself with knowledge and support can help you get a deeper understanding of your options and face even unexpected situations calmly and confidently.

Hey, friend! I'm Sarah (she/they).

I’m a Birth & Postpartum Guide, Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor, and Pump Specialist. I began providing basic peer support in 2017 and decided to turn my newfound passion into my profession less than a year later. I am now supporting families in the El Paso/Fort Bliss area and virtually worldwide.

My greatest desire and focus as your birth guide is that you feel comfortable and confident in every decision you make by:

Gaining knowledge based on evidence and my personal experiences in classes and prenatal sessions so you are ready to set clear goals and make informed, confident decisions.

Using the stress management and self-care skills you already know combined with evidence supported theories to help you cope physically and mentally and meet your goals.

Learning skillful conversation and communication techniques to collaborate with the whole birth team and keep your voice and preferences centered and prioritized.

Ready to see how we can work together?

What my clients are saying:

All of my services are built on the belief that: 

There is no “one way” or “right way” to birth.

You have the right to decide what does and doesn’t happen to your body and your baby, regardless of what’s usual or routine.

The only person who knows what’s best for you and your family is you

You have the right to use your own goals and values along with balanced, evidence-based information to make informed decisions about your care.

How you are treated in pregnancy and birth greatly impacts your postpartum experience.

You have the right to respectful care where your voice is always the loudest and most important in the room.

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